Hi, I'm Alice.

I was born in rural Pennsylvania, educated in both eastern and western Massachusetts, and made my way out to California in 2005. I've been in love with Los Angeles ever since. I worked in the fashion industry doing textile design for a decade while doing illustration work on the side, and now I do illustration all the time!

I still love textile patterns and surface design--Tammis Keefe and Vera Neumann are particular design heroes (and sought-after scores at flea markets). I love illustrations from vintage and antique textbooks, children's books, and advertising; I love typography and hand lettering; and I love combining the analog and the digital. I also love hiking the streets and canyons of Los Angeles, trying to keep my plants alive, cooking and eating, lefty politics, deadlifts, natural history, visual math, and the inexplicable.

I have pretty much always known that I wanted to be an illustrator, save for a phase at around age 15 when I wanted to be a marine biologist...but let's be honest, that was always just a ploy to get to discover giant squid.

I live with my boyfriend who is a different kind of artist.

If you're interested in contacting me, I'm always open to hearing about all kinds of projects. You can reach me at alicerutherford@gmail.com.

If you need to reach me by phone or snail mail, please email me to request my number or address.

Thanks for checking out my work!